The Rise of Global Civil Society

Building Communities and Nations from the Bottom Up

In 2008, the Bradley Foundation funded then Sagamore Senior Fellow Don Eberly to write The Rise of Global Civil Society: Building Communities and Nations from the Bottom Up. In the book, Eberly calls attention to the role of volunteerism and compassion as "America's most consequential export." In an increasingly globalized world, charity and citizen-led initiatives are becoming an integral part of the development conversation.



EXCERPT: Compassion: America's Most Consequential Export

"The opposite of poverty is prosperity. Much of the debate over poverty for the past several decades has focused on charity and foreign aid as remedies. Yet while the world was haggling over which countries might be able to donate a billion or two more annually, China and India created $700 billion in new economic development. Their bold departure from stagnation and poverty happened in large part because they figured out how to participate in globalization. The problem with much of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America is too little globalization."